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Streamlining Justice with Forensic Advantage SAK Tracking System

SAK Tracking System


In this case study, we explore how the Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) successfully implemented the Forensic Advantage SAK Tracking system to address a backlog of sexual assault kits. The goal was not only to enhance the efficiency of processing these kits but also to foster a community that values justice for survivors, ensures public safety, and trusts the criminal justice system.

Background & Challenges

Georgia’s criminal justice system encompasses around 800 agencies across 159 counties. Each agency potentially deals with sexual assault kits during different stages of processing. There was an urgent need to develop a comprehensive software solution that facilitates seamless information transfer, record-keeping, and coordination between these agencies. The primary challenges were:

  • A backlog in the processing of sexual assault kits

  • Lack of a unified tracking system for the kits

  • The need for individualized access and training for various agencies

Solution Selection Process

CJCC assembled a multidisciplinary Review Team, consisting of representatives from law enforcement, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE), prosecutors, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Crime Lab, Sexual Assault Centers, and the Sexual Assault Unit at CJCC.

Key Criteria for Selection

  • Intuitive interface

  • Personalized onboarding process

  • Cost-effective

The team chose the Forensic Advantage SAK Tracking system as it met these criteria and offered a collaborative approach to implementing the solution.

Implementation & Training


  • September 2021: Initial implementation in six pilot jurisdictions.

  • Spring 2022: Widespread training of CJCC agencies.

  • September 2022: Full operational capability across all 159 Georgia counties.


Twenty-eight virtual user trainings were conducted in the first half of 2022, engaging over 1,000 individuals. Additionally, an online training course was made available through the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, and various support materials were published on the Sexual Violence Resource of Georgia website.

Results & Impact

The system was well-received and started making a significant impact:

  • Justice for Survivors: Efficient processing ensures that survivors’ cases are handled promptly and with due seriousness.

  • Public Safety: Expedited processing of sexual assault kits has contributed to a decrease in crimes by re-offenders.

  • Increased Trust: The transparency and efficiency of the system encouraged more victims to come forward.

  • Data Insights: The system enabled the collection of comprehensive data which is invaluable for future policy formulation and legislative considerations.

  • Interagency Coordination: 352 agencies across multiple disciplines are actively using the system, ensuring seamless coordination.

Future Developments

Based on user feedback, CJCC plans to continue collaborating with Forensic Advantage, the system vendor to develop additional training resources and system enhancements. Also, CJCC has identified 124 agencies that are not utilizing the system as intended; these agencies will be prioritized for training and technical assistance.


The Forensic Advantage SAK Tracking system has proven to be an essential asset in transforming the landscape of how sexual assault cases are handled in Georgia. Through technology, extensive training, and interagency coordination, CJCC has made significant strides in addressing the backlog of sexual assault kits and enhancing public safety. This case study illustrates the importance of an integrated approach to leveraging technology in tackling pressing social issues and serves as an exemplary model for other states and organizations.


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