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Our Products

Forensic Advantage® Crime Lab Edition optimizes how forensic laboratories are managed and operated. Lab-centric, easy-to-use software built and backed by domain experts who understand forensic needs.

Forensic Advantage® Medical Examiner Edition is an easy to use solution that optimizes how medical examiner and coroner offices are managed and operated.

The Forensic Advantage® Breath Alcohol Database Application (BrAD) tracks and stores records from multiple types of instruments that measure a subject’s breath alcohol level.

Forensic Advantage® Systems has created a unique and powerful application to improve Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) processing requirements and enable victims to monitor status updates.

Batch Processing is a secure, web-based interface that facilitates bi-directional communication between Forensic Advantage and your laboratory equipment.

Tailored for use in both commercial and government forensic laboratories, the DNA Databank enhances the efficiency of forensic analysts by automatically capturing demographic information and ensuring its appropriate obfuscation during sample matching.

FA OnScene allows you to gather all crime scene information in one place while you're in the field making it simple to finalize the report when you return to your office.

At Forensic Advantage, you can trust in a collaboration that prioritizes the protection and integrity of your valuable information.​Forensic Advantage Systems is a strategic partner with Nlets, the nation’s premiere interstate justice and public safety network.

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