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Management and certification of your breath alcohol program.

Breath Alcohol Database (BrAD)

At Forensic Advantage, we prioritize Discipline as a core value. Enhance the operational efficiency and process discipline of your breath alcohol program by improving the management of operator and instrument certification. Ensure precise instrument calibration and seamlessly track subject test results to elevate the overall effectiveness of your program.


Enhanced Data Integrity

Elevate the integrity of data collection and management, ensuring accuracy and reliability throughout the entire process.


Comprehensive Tracking

Track instruments, components, maintenance, training, and statistics to provide a holistic view of unique breath alcohol activities within each laboratory, facilitating informed decision-making.


Robust Reporting Engine

Streamline the reporting process with a robust reporting engine. We empower you by putting report writing in your hands, enhancing flexibility and control over the generation of crucial reports.


“Self-Service FOIA Response System”

Boost productivity through an automated response system, expediting both prosecution and defense activities for swift and efficient outcomes. The "self-service" FOIA response system puts the power in your hands, allowing for a more agile and responsive approach to information requests.

Easy to Deploy & Maintain

BrAD offers a user-friendly deployment and maintenance experience, providing a range of features to meet the diverse needs of your organization.

Secure Deployment Options

Deploy BrAD securely, giving you the flexibility to choose between cloud-based or on-premises deployment. This adaptability ensures alignment with your organization's infrastructure and security requirements.

Instrument Agnostic Flexibility

Benefit from BrAD's support for multiple evidentiary instrument types within your organization. The data-driven instrument interface accommodates diverse technologies, providing the flexibility needed to meet your specific requirements.

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate BrAD with external data sources using industry-standard web services. This enhances connectivity and ensures interoperability with your existing systems, streamlining data exchange and management.

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