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DNA Databank

The system facilitates swift processing and monitoring of demographic information through DNA analysis and matching procedures. The Databank supports confidential matching of samples against local, state, and federal databases, ensuring individual privacy is preserved while maintaining the integrity of the entire process.


Tailored for use in both commercial and government forensic laboratories, the DNA Databank enhances the efficiency of forensic analysts by automatically capturing demographic information and ensuring its appropriate obfuscation during sample matching.

The DNA Databank not only enhances operational efficiency but also prioritizes data accuracy and privacy, making it a valuable asset for agencies involved in DNA sample management and analysis.

Business Advantages

The DNA Databank represents an automated and user-friendly solution that streamlines the collection and management of DNA samples, including their associated demographic information.

Integration with DNA mapping equipment minimizes user
interaction, accelerating the receipt and cataloging of samples for analysis.


Key Features:

  1. Efficient Integration: Seamless integration with DNA mapping equipment reduces the need for manual user intervention, expediting the process of receiving and cataloging samples.

  2. Automated Demographic Capture: An integrated imaging component captures demographic content, automatically populating the necessary database information. This feature enhances accuracy and efficiency in managing associated demographic details.

  3. Enhanced Privacy Measures: The utilization of separate databases for managing demographics and actual sample maps ensures a robust level of obfuscation, safeguarding sensitive information effectively.

Technical Advantages

The DNA Databank stands out as a robust solution, providing the flexibility and automation essential for the secure operation of DNA sample collection, analysis, and matching.

Notable Technical Advantages Include:

  1. Integration Flexibility: The system is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing analysis equipment, allowing organizations to extend the value of previous investments. This adaptability ensures a smooth transition and compatibility with diverse DNA equipment types within the same organization.

  2. Data-Driven Design: By employing an SQL Server Database, the DNA Databank maximizes system accuracy, reliability, and availability. The use of a robust database enhances data management capabilities, contributing to the overall efficiency and dependability of the system.

  3. External Data Integration: The system facilitates the integration of external data sources through web services. This feature enables organizations to enrich their datasets, incorporate additional information, and enhance the overall functionality of the DNA Databank.

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