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Streamline Your Operations with the Medical Examiner Case Management System from Forensic Advantage

Managing cases with confidentiality and efficiency is paramount for medical examiners and coroners. With the Medical Examiner Case Management System from Forensic Advantage, you can achieve just that. Our system is designed to capture vital data such as body and environmental details, decedent history, injuries, and special circumstances. Additionally, it tracks prescriptions, organ procurement, records requests, and final dispositions, ensuring comprehensive case management.

Our Medical Examiner Case Management System Supports

  • Disease recording and lab request tracking

  • Private storage for autopsy photos

  • Flexible data entry options

  • Integrated dictation

  • Report generation with review and approval options

Key Features

Key features include body processing, personal effects, evidence collection, and full chain of custody tracking. The system also facilitates protocols for recording findings and processes for missing person comparisons, fingerprints, radiographs, DNA, and non-human remains. It supports detailed dental analysis, digital X-ray storage, and comprehensive anthropology analysis.

For More Specialized Needs

Our ME System also includes:

  • Hospice death pre-registration staging

  • Comprehensive data collection, including biographical, demographical, social, and occupational information

  • Recording family histories and related persons

  • Plugin support for independent Child Fatality case management teams

Beyond Case Management

Our system excels in testing biological samples, identifying chemicals, and overseeing third-party lab requests. FA OnScene further enhances the efficiency of scene investigations, managing both small and large-scale investigations involving multiple investigators. Accessible through a web interface, hotspot configuration, or offline mode, FA OnScene adapts to specific scene requirements, ensuring thorough and efficient scene processing.

Interested in learning more about our Medical Examiner Case Management System? Reach out to us today. We’d love to show you how our solutions can optimize your operations.


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