The Forensic Advantage Object Repository is a module that can be included within a Forensic Advantage LIMS platform deployment and/or as a standalone application. The product enables complete management of all digital content (ie: binary files) including:
  1. Documents
2. Photographs
3. Video
4. Audio
5. Text
6. Graphics

This enterprise solution is designed to manage and protect the value of critical electronic data throughout its entire lifecycle. The module manages the secure storage and transfer of digital records, such as crime scene photos, images and reports with the assurance that they are authoritative versions; that is, the electronic originals of what has been submitted by validated custodians via the Forensic Advantage platform.

Electronic Case Management - Compliance by Design
The Object Repository is both powerful and flexible allowing organizations to comply with their internal business process methods as well as legal requirements for securing sensitive records. The solution assures legal control of the source records during creation, storage, and transfer by:
  • Maintaining a single authoritative copy of the record which is unique and identifiable
• Allowing only the secured party or its designated custodian to access, transfer, store, or change the authoritative copy
• Assuring the data record cannot be altered, except as permitted
• Identifies unauthorized revisions and non-authoritative copies

The Forensic Advantage Object Repository provides the technology to implement high volume interactive creation and storage with full integrity, authentication and audit trails as well as secure access control and privileges to authorized parties involved in case processing.

The Object Repository’s Three Primary Principals
  1. Ease of Use: The module leverages the standard Forensic Advantage graphical user interface with control over actions that can be performed for maintaining a secure audit trail of the assignment and transactions of any record.

2. Secure Storage Manager: Manages access to the custodial database to provide a vault like storage repository of the source records.

3. Seamless Integration: The object repository communicates with the Forensic Advantage authentication controls for access to the registry for batch or interactive storage operations.

Forensic Advantage Object Repository Diagram

Security and Administration
Data integrity and authentication is essential to maintaining legal rights over the sensitive records managed by the solution. The module utilizes a three level security architecture model:

User Access is strictly controlled by unique certificate credentials, which are required to access and execute the Forensic Advantage application.

Document Security ensures that any modifications or alterations to a record are detected and therefore any file outside of the control of the object repository is considered as non-authoritative.


Secure Audit Tails are collected throughout each transaction utilizing the access certificates assigned to each organization’s user.

User access security is administered by the Forensic Advantage Administration module. Users can be assigned privileges within the module bay a Forensic Advantage Site Administrator who handles each organization's account and digital credentials for each organization.

Object Repository Key Capabilities

Information is entered into the system and is immediately available throughout the Forensic Advantage application.


Forensic Advantage creates an electronic case for each criminal event.  The case can consist of multiple submissions of evidence, analysis results, and other pertinent data.


The Forensic Advantage platform allows users to reference files and scanned documents, etc. to cases and store securely them in the repository. This integrated feature includes the ability to include crime scene photos, scanned police reports, instrument output, and electronic forms.


Forensic Advantage has the ability to make notes, or annotations, print, or copy portions of an image, on demand, all on-line using tightly integrated 3rd party tools. These changes can be made without altering the original image.